“Tom engages the audience immediately. The response I got from listeners included, "A wonderful voice," "A pleasure to listen to." & "Meaningful sharing that impacted my life." Roi Solberg–Author–"Spirit of Archetypes-"
“Tom is one of the most sincere speakers I've ever heard. Every speech is so insightful powerful & genuine that it gives me hope and motivates me to move forward.”
Alex Kuzminsky–Architect –Joseph Spierer Architects
"What can I say? This guy was born for it! He's got a voice bigger 'en Texas, (I should know, I'm Texas born!) and charisma coming out of his pores! I guess I liked him!" Ida Lee–Actress & Taxi Driver
"It’s surprisingly difficult to find powerful speakers who not only speak from the heart, but who are also funny and real. Tom won’t hide the truth from his audience, which only makes his stage presence and charisma have even greater impact. " Tristan De Montebello–Speech Coach & Entrepreneur
“Tom is the best speaker Symantec has ever invited. He's funny, charismatic & captivating...he left us with a message that matters & a desire to act on it immediately!” Michael Gendler–Public Speaking Coach, Formerly Hulu.
"I've had the pleasure of hearing Tom Froehlich speak on several occasions and find him to be funny, engaging, sensitive, passionate, hilarious and very entertaining.” Maureen Tepedino–Interior Designer & Business Owner
Thought Coach What's the Buzz? Book 'em! Author
Tom Froehlich • Speaker • Author • Transformational Thought Coach
Reveal the Undiscovered You! I AM!
This is Who This is Who
Tom's Story



Interview with K.C. Armstrong of "World's Most Amazing People"

     Tom’s passion is energizing and inspiring audiences to take control of their lives, and to become visionaries of their own future. He has made his mark as an enthusiastic, authentic, humorous and compassionate speaker and author. He inspires others to take transformative control of their lives by creating simple and actionable steps to turn their “someday dreams” into reality. He has been described as, “A breath of fresh air in a world where we can have difficulty catching our breath in the midst of self-doubt.”

     Time spent with Tom is time well spent.

     Tom’s own life experiences and adventures have resulted in a winding path on the road to self-discovery and self-fulfillment. He has: been a graphic designer; owned and operated Murray Hill Pottery Works, a successful pottery studio; bartended; traveled the world buying beautiful things with someone else’s money; taught math through art to kindergarten students; and worked in drug and alcohol recovery. He also once worked twelve hours a day, seven days a week, as the “Brinemaster” in an industrial pea-canning factory that supplied prisons and institutions.

       Very possibly during a mid-life crisis, Tom decided to spread his wings and move from his hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Los Angeles. Well aware of the cliché, he bought a convertible and drove west until he hit the ocean, and landed in Venice Beach.

Tom is happy to consider events all over the country for your high school, college, church, corporate, or other event. For booking inquiries please go to contact page and fill out the form.


“Let's face it– life can take an unexpected turn or twelve. Yet, I believe that each and every one of those experiences has led me to this moment. Not because they happened, but because of what I chose to learn and take away from the experience to help me move forward.”
 The lens through which Tom views life offers a fresh, provocative and at times humorous view of the obstacles and miracles we encounter on our life’s journey. He is author of three distinctively different books that explore variations on his favorite theme of self-discovery and finding joy. Allow Tom's book of original, inspiring and at times slightly off -color quotations, “I am a Very Spiritual Yet Vulgar Man”, help you see the absurdities of life as you laugh your way past them. Seek out the magic of everyday miracles with, “My Uncle’s Shoes and Other Gifts-Magical & Serendipitous Stories of Everyday Life”. Unearth the miracle that is you with the step-by-step manual, “Reveal the Undiscovered You!” No matter if you choose one or all three, count on laughing out loud as you settle back to contemplate the choices life offers. We have no doubt you will be inspired to grab a pen and paper and begin to map out the next step in your journey. All book are available as a downloadable PDF and an actual — for real printed book! Check back for audio books coming soon. Just click on the Twitter or Facebook button below to check out dynamite excerpts from all three books! Oh! And as long as you are there it would be great if you followed me or liked my page. I post quotes and tips regularly just so you can get a feel for where your future could take you. It is never too late for a new beginning. We are always right on time!
 If you can't help yourself, and you are compelled to buy two books, feel free to deduct 10%. If you're really 
fired up, and you want to buy all three, take off 15%. And yes, it can be any 2 or 3 books to get 
the discount. They do not need to be different titles. • My Uncle's Shoes & Other Gifts $10.00 • I Am A Very Spiritual Yet Vulgar Man $10.00 • Let's Get Naked! Reveal the Undiscovered You $20.00 All books also available at a group discount when purchased in conjunction with a speaking engagement. If you prefer paying by check or money order just email us your order and we'll send you the mailing info. Please also include your order info with your payment. The memo line on your check is a good place for it! All orders will be sent out the following business day after receiving payment. All Orders Payable through Paypal -It's Easy! Just click on the Paypal button below. All major CC and Debit accepted.

     With an engaging personality and an acerbic wit, Tom has developed a presence performing on the Los Angeles comedy circuit. He honed his speaking skills as an officer of Toastmasters International, where he delivered more than one hundred speeches and has been awarded sixty first-place ribbons. His first professional speaking engagement was at Symantec Corporation that staffs 11,000 employees nationwide.  His messages resonate with a wide variety of audiences and is happy to consider events all over the country for your high school, college, church, corporate, or other event.  Below are a few of his most popular themes that can be presented individually or as an ongoing series.



 • Identify obstacles of your own creation and eliminate them. • Learn to see all of life as an opportunity. • Learn to discover your gifts and talents • Learn to open your mind to the possibilities life has to offer. • Explore how powerful and life changing our minds can be • Learn to see all of life as an opportunity  • Accept, embrace & celebrate everything that you are. • Overcome hurdles holding you back • Become & love that self you have always wanted to be. • Learn to see past facades and embrace your genuine self. • Take a personal inventory & begin to realize your unlimited potential. • Explore how powerful and life changing our minds can be.

With enthusiasm, humor and compassion, he inspires others to face their demons, identify their dreams, set goals and live miraculous lives.

Take a ride with Tom on a journey of self-discovery and never look back. Ever!




Right on Time! It's Time to Shine This is Who I Am! Dream with Your Mind Wide Open
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 Are you the kind of person who likes to communicate through the spoken word? I know I am. If you are as well, I offer one-on-one coaching sessions to assist you in identifying and pushing past obstacles and setting a life path to help your dreams become a reality. I am a certified IFFT Transformational Thought Coach and incorporate the IFFT techniques with my own to assist you in revealing the undiscovered you. If you are unfamiliar with the transformational thinking process, no need to stress. We can have an initial conversation at no charge and determine what you would like to accomplish and if I’m the coach that can help you achieve those goals. All of my coaching sessions are relaxed and conversational. In some instances there is homework assigned to help us maximize our time together and get you moving forward. And sometimes it’s about thinking out loud and having someone to bounce your thoughts and ideas off of. Maybe you just want to have someone to work through the manual, “Reveal Your Undiscovered Self” with. I find nothing more fulfilling than helping others create lives that are maybe more than just a little bit miraculous. Together, we can make that happen. Just click on the TF or email icon below and send me an email and we'll set up a time to talk.
"Working with Tom was a comfortable, fun and enlightening way for me to get clear on goals and obstacles I've created that get in the way. His straightforward tactics, blended with kindness, and just the right dosage of "new agey-ness" was what I needed to create a game plan for myself with built in motivational stop measures. Thanks Tom!" Gary McCarthy-Educator & Entrepreneur
Discounted fee for the first 4 sessions payable through Paypal. 
Just click the Paypal button.
"I once tried to follow a map I drew for my life, and then I realized a cartographer I am not - an adventurer perhaps - a dreamer no doubt. This is a good thing, as I realize the Universe has chosen an uncharted course for me. I do my best to watch for the guideposts it sets along the way. My sails are set & the wind is full." Peace & Blessings

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     If you are interested in booking me for your event, just have a question or feel the need to chat, fill out the contact form below, email me at tom@tomspeakz.com or give me a call!

    Tom is happy to consider events all over the country  for your high school, college, church, corporate, or other event.

For booking inquiries just fill out the form below.

tom@tomspeakz.com • 310-902-3606 "Endings last as long as we choose. Beginnings begin as soon as we are willing to start." 
 Namaste baby!

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